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We take great pride in our craftsmanship. Share your vision of your front entry door and our team will make it a reality.

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Front doors - finest quality front doors



We design, build and install. Our premium exterior doors will make a fundamental difference to the look of your home. Once you see our work there would be no need for further convincing.

Fiberglass door is better than steel or wood

We are a local company dedicated in helping homeowners throughout the GTA better their homes with a heightened perspective. Whether you are looking for windows or custom exterior doors, our team always delivers at their best.

Fiberglass doors - finest quality front doors
Fiberglass doors - finest quality front doors

Fiberglass Doors

Upgrade your front door, create an impression and add value to your home

Mastergrain Doors

Invest in a safe, secure, energy efficient, high quality and locally made fiberglass door

Front Entry Doors

Enjoy the pride of ownership resulting from the inherent transformation

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Industry trend setters since the year 1985 with one of the best reputations in the door industry

Custom Fiberglass door

Your Trusted Custom Fiberglass Door Specialist

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The benefits of fiberglass doors – Do not crack, warp, dent or rust. Much more energy efficient… read more

Why choose us!  – Our craftsmen will purchase any door they make any day for their own home…read more

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Best 2018 Homestars Award

Fiberglass doors King City ON

Fiberglass Door Thornhill ON

Fiberglass Doors Thornhill ON. We have installed numerous Fiberglass doors throughout Thornhill ON, a product completely made in Canada not just assembled. HDWD focuses on making the best fiberglass doors at the right price with superior quality.  If you have had bad...
Craftsman Fiberglass door

Fiberglass Door Richmond Hill ON

Our Entry Doors make Homeowners proud Our orientation to details shows in all our front doors You will find us committed and trustworthy We got what it takes. You are in for a pleasant experience We are determined to make a difference. You will be highly satisfied...
Mastergrain Contemporary Doors

Modern Doors in fiberglass

Double Doors MODERN DOORS There are various styles available to choose from when replacing your existing front door. Our fiberglass modern door slabs with stainless steel inlays are built with a thicker fiberglass skin. The reliablity and durability of our modern...
Custom front entry door

Fiberglass door Vaughan ON

Home Decor Window and Door Centre  Inc. is known for it's high end premium line of fiberglass doors in Vaughan. Getting our fiberglass door system is well worth the investment. It pays off, we see it over and over and customers in Vaughan have tremendously benefited...
No warp, no rust and no dents

Best Fiberglass Door made in Canada

Mastergrain Fiberglass door doesn’t rot, rust, dent or warp. Looks like real wood without the high maintenance.

Fiberglass door King City ON

Fiberglass Door King City

Your trusted fiberglass door specialist. We make the finest Front Entry door serving King City ON Our fiberglass door remains the most sought after front entry door system in the industry. We offer homeowners the beauty of wood and the strength of steel,...
Best Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass Door Woodbridge

Custom Front Entry Door in Woodbridge Simplicity of our craftsmanship...inspiring, trustworthy and fulfilling. Your home is worth much more when you have your front entrance designed, built and installed by us Why Choose Us? You owe it to yourself Every door is built...
Exterior door for your home

Double Doors

Double Doors DOUBLE DOORS There a various styles available to choose from when replacing your existing double door. Embrace our meticulously crafted double doors and you will be pleasantly surprised. Our fiberglass door slabs are reliable and long lasting. You can...
Fiberglass door

Front Entry Doors

Front Entry Doors Most important feature of a home is the doorway regardless of the architecture of which it is part of.  A door is the centrepiece and we just love a good door. All our doors are picture worthy. Embrace our meticulously crafted front entry doors and...
Mastergrain fiberglass double doorMississauga

Fiberglass door Mississauga

Don't just based your purchasing decision on price! Every part used in a door system is equally important! There are different qualities of fiberglass doors on the market! Please do your homework. You will save yourself from unnecessary future expenses! Are you on the...
Custom fiberglass door

Fiberglass Door Newmarket

Custom Front Entry Door  If you need a new front door, choose fiberglass. Our canadian made fiberglass doors looks like wood and are better than steel and wood in many ways. Your home will be worth more and it would be an investment you will be proud of. Fiberglass...
Mastergrain Modern fiberglass door

Fiberglass door Toronto

Custom Front Entry Door in Toronto ON Nothing beats our fiberglass doors: Highly energy efficient durable looks like real wood minimal maintenance You will be beyond satisfied with our workmanship and rich looking front doors. Home Decor Window and Door Centre  Inc....

Mastergrain Doors

MASTERGRAIN - MOST SOUGHT AFTER FIBERGLASS DOORS MASTERGRAIN DOORS Most Sought After fiberglass doors CRAFTSMAN FIR High quality fiberglass doors Highest definition Wood Grain fiberglass doors Highest quality construction Insulated with high density CFC...
Mastergrain fiberglass doors

Fiberglass door Nobleton ON

Our highly experienced craftsmanship will make the entire project seem effortless.We handle all our projects from start to end in Nobleton ON. Most installations are done within a day with minimal disruption. By end of day you will be pleasantly surprise with the...
Custom door shaping

Fiberglass Doors Brampton ON

Fiberglass Doors Brampton ON The doors we have built in Brampton and throughout GTA  are not only gorgeous and rich looking, they are built with attention to details. There is a lot that goes into building a quality door. Every component  that makes up a door is key...
Fiberglass door manufacturer

Exterior Doors

FIBERGLASS EXTERIOR DOORS  THE DIFFERENCE WE MAKE IS MORE IMPORTANT TO US THAN WHAT WE MAKE Don't let price be the deciding factor. Make the time to educate yourself about our premium grade fiberglass doors before you make your decision. Come see how we...
Fiberglass door Mississauga

Fiberglass doors

FIBERGLASS DOORS THE DIFFERENCE WE MAKE IS MORE IMPORTANT TO US THAN WHAT WE MAKE Not knowing who will refer us to their entire circle of friends and families we craft every front door with equal passion Our customers love their fiberglass...

Increase the perceived value of your home with our front doors

If your front door is dingy and beat up, get a head start, order now. We are one of the very few companies out there who care and determined to make a difference.

Custom Fiberglass door
Mastergrain double door with circular transom

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25+ Years of experience has enabled our craftsmanship to evolve to new heights.

We keep innovating and improving our processes.

Our warranty is fair and honest.


Our Fiberglass doors are made in Canada, offer superior strength and durability.

We are highly recommended by Mastergrain – who is known in the industry for their superior quality and standard.

Products used are clearly specified in our contract. No surprises and we do not bait and switch.


We accurately describe and represent the value we provide.

We take great pride in our work.

The difference we make is more important to us than what we make!


Our highly experienced craftsmanship will ensure that the design matches your dream door, while using the best materials and remarkable skills.


  • Visit us for a tour of our showroom and workshop.
  • Our team will equip you with all relevant information you need to make the right choices.
  • See the premium fiberglass doors and components we use in our door system.
  • See our quality craftsmanship.
  • If this is your first day out searching you probably should check out other places to appreciate the value we provide.
  • Complete your discovery and it will be our pleasure to create your vision.


  • Bring your measurement or call us for an in-home consultation.
  • Discuss and create your vision with us.
  • Together we will look at options, styles, sizes & project portfolios.
  • Select from our variety of frosted, iron & decorative glass inserts.
  • Choose your locking mechanism, door hardware.
  • Choose from our standard stain colours or colour match to a colour of your choice.
  • Benefit from our expertise throughout this process.


  • Our highly skilled craftsmen take tremendous pride in their work.
  • The entire team including management work together to achieve the desired results, ensuring every detail is implemented.
  • The door system is assembled before leaving our factory.
  • Strict quality control is carried out without compromise.
  • The team is so fond of what they do that every door gets a caring send off.


  • It’s well worth a day off, do not miss out, and enjoy the transformation as the new door is put in place.
  • We tear out and dispose of the old door and frame.
  • Most door systems are installed within a day.
  • Our installers are so talented and precise they make the installation looks like a breeze.
  • Experience the enhanced pride of ownership and the compliments from neighbours and friends.

Home Decor Window & Door Centre Inc.

Mastergrain fiberglass door is the highest quality fiberglass on the market. There are lots of styles to choose from. The fiberglass skin depicts all the characteristics of a wood door making it indistinguishable from real wood.


Most authentic wood looking fiberglass: Cherry, Oak, Knotty Alder, Fir and Smooth Grain.

Use of NVD technology to replicate natural wood characteristics making the fiberglass door looks like real wood.


Energy Efficient

High Energy Efficiency.

Higher density polyurethane foam between the fiberglass skins offers an R20 value.

Fiberglass doors Vaughan
Fiberglass doors Vaughan
Fiberglass doors

High Security

Multi-point lock: HIGH SECURITY and peace of mind.

All our 8ft doors automatically comes with 3 point locking system.


Composite top and bottom rail & engineered woodframe maintain sound structural integrity.

High density composite doorframe has better screw holding power, provides an added security feature, do not flake, rot or expand.

Light maintenance

Light maintenance

Minimal maintenance – unlike wood doors.

Wipe with damp cloth and wipe dry.

Minimal maintenance – unlike wood doors.

Wipe with damp cloth and wipe dry. DO NOT use chemicals.



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