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Fiberglass doors

The superior strength and insulation makes fiberglass doors a better alternative to wood or steel.

Fiberglass is a strong composite material made with glass fiber. It has high strength-to-weight ratio and good thermal properties. The fiberglass door features the most authentic wood grain texture in the door industry.

Fiberglass doors do not warp, rot or crack like wood and yet you get the look of real wood. The best part is there is very little maintenance. All you need is a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the door clean.

Stain & Paint Colours


Our specially formulated paints and stains work optimally on our fiberglass doors and come to you finish.

The fiberglass door is flamed in a special tunnel to achieve the perfect temperature for a long lasting paint or stain adhesion.


Fiberglass doors are the highest quality doors on the market. There are lots of styles to choose from.  The fiberglass skin depicts all the characteristics of a wood door making it indistinguishable from real wood.

The top and bottom structure of our fiberglass door panel are made of composite material which prevents the door from any damage that may be caused by water or snow.

Test results showed no sign of warpage under extreme interior and exterior temperature variation.

Very low maintenance is required. If the door is not fully exposed to the sun you probably would never have to worry about fading. If you do have full exposure to the sun you might want to consider refreshing the stain approximately every 6 years.

A door system is as good as its weakest component. For that reason we do not use wood or wood-vinyl-clad frame  with our fiberglass doors.

Come visit us and will show you the product we use and how we assemble our door system.

You also need to understand the difference and the benefit of using multi-point lock. We are very serious about keeping our customers safe and secure.

Our door system is superior and stronger than wood or steel and plays an important part in securing your entrance.


We provide a turnkey solution – we design, build and install your front door. All done by our team of experts. We take care of the entire project.






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