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Fiberglass Doors Thornhill ON. We have installed numerous Fiberglass doors throughout Thornhill ON, a product completely made in Canada not just assembled. HDWD focuses on making the best fiberglass doors at the right price with superior quality.  If you have had bad experiences dealing with door companies in your area, you should definitely try us. Mastergrain fiberglass doors are an excellent substitute for wood and steel doors. Just like a house is as strong as its foundation, the strength and durability of a door system equally depends on all the components & parts it is made of. From years of experience in the industry we have selected and adopted the best components, frames, locks, sill, sweeps, stains etc. Other than using premium grade components to produce a high quality front entry door we are able to make this possible and shine at it due to our dedicated employees.  They are our true asset and make a fundamental difference to the reputation we have garnered over the years. Wouldn’t that be great if we can remember the names of everyone we meet. Well our craftsmanship guarantees that you will always remember & recommend  Home Decor Window & Door Centre. You’ll  be pleased & proud of your front entrance every time you open your door to your guests, friends & families.

Mastergrain Fiberglass doors offer a wood grain texture on the Fiberglass skin that looks like real wood. The Cherry and Knotty Alder grain are the most popular grains and you’ll find them on display in our showroom in Vaughan ON. You get the wood look without the high cost & maintenance of owning a wood door. Come visit us and you’ll appreciate what we have to offer. We’ll also provide you with all the relevant information for you to comfortably make the right choice.

We don’t expect you to purchase from us on your first visit. Our main objective is to educate you so when you eventually get your fiberglass door you will remember and thank us for the useful, true and honest information you received. 

Our customers see our finished products more like a piece of furniture due to its beauty & elegance. The 8 ft tall doors are in high demand and in some cases we can even do taller sizes. At Home Decor Window & Door Centre Inc. we can customize the height and/or width to fit the opening of your existing doorway. With the options and flexibility available with Fiberglass the desire for wood doors is quickly diminishing. Our Fiberglass entry doors provide extremely good value. It’s made for the Canadian weather and requires very little maintenance compared to wood.

If you are on the market looking for a beautiful front door that will make you a proud home owner the universe has brought you to the right place

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