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Front doors made in Canada


Grandeur and refined elegance ring true when you settle for one of our meticulously crafted fiberglass front doors. The enchanting customization will make your home stand out. You should never settle for second best when you get a new front door, so always do your research first and see what is out there.

If your home doesn’t open up with our entry door ask yourself this:

  • Is my front door secure and energy efficient?
  • Does it look like a furniture door and is it a conversation piece when visitors & guests show up?
  • Is it time for a change and would the transformation add value to my home?
  • Will I be selling in the next few years?

We are here to help understand the importance and benefits of replacing your door with our fiberglass door.


Enjoy an exceptional service

Front door Oakville
We design, build and install. Our premium exterior doors will make a fundamental difference to the look of your home. Once you see our work there would be no need for further convincing. In addition to being beautiful,  you will receive an extremely well performing door system, hassle free. The installers are exceptionally good and clean. You’ll be amazed with the service.

Fiberglass door is better than steel or wood

Our overarching goal is to build beautiful and really good doors for our customers. The pride you’ll experience with your new front door will always compel you to refer us to your friends and families.
Front door Oakville
Front door Oakville
front door replacement

Benefits of Fiberglass Door

Come and visit our showroom at Home Decor Window & Door Centre Inc. to truly experience the beauty of our fiberglass front doors. Seeing them in person will give you a better sense of their appearance before you make a purchase. As you explore our showroom, pay close attention to the durability of our door systems. While many failures occur in the door jamb, our rot-free jamb offers excellent screw holding power and takes up stain exceptionally well. We would be happy to show you the difference between our jamb and others available on the market. When it comes to building and installing your door, trust our highly skilled installers to ensure long-lasting performance. Our fiberglass doors not only offer great insulation value but are also highly energy-efficient. Don’t forget to ask us about insulation options. And before you make your final decision, be sure to read our warranty terms. We offer a fair and honest warranty, so you can have peace of mind. Choose Home Decor Window & Door Centre Inc. for top-quality fiberglass doors.
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Fiberglass Door Pricing

Front doors


Single door would run from $3500 to $4500

Double door would range from $6500 and $9000

Single door with 2 sidelites would be in the same range of $6500 to $9000

Single door with 2 sidelites and transom would range from $7500 to $12000

Prices vary depending mainly on size of opening, door style and choice of glass and iron works.

For pricing, you can either email us pictures and measurements, or visit us.

Front Doors Made in Canada

Cheaper prices aren’t always to your benefit. If you have been quoted cheaper for a front door please ask lots of questions so you understand what is contributing to the difference in price. It also helps tremendously to ask for a walk-through of the production facility. Most customers who make the time and effort to see first hand how the doors and their components are put together ultimately see ample justification in making their purchases. We always looking for ways to be more efficient so we can pass on the savings to our customers however our focus has always been about promoting and implementing quality craftsmanship. The reputation we have acquired over the years for our high quality fiberglass doors is too precious and we simply don’t compromise in any way or form.
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Front door with iron sidelite
Front door
Front door
Custom Front Door

Custom Front Doors

Open up to our front doors, get rid of your utility and commodity doors. Your home can be gorgeous but if your front door isn’t, it gives a bad impression. Our fiberglass doors are finished and stained like a piece of furniture.

The difference is in the details. Visiting us and seeing what we do will clear your mind and put things in perspective.

Quality Front Doors

Invest in our stunning fiberglass front entry doors, see the benefits and high return.

Don’t beat yourself up dealing with companies offering utility and commodity doors. Don’t settle for anything less than a furniture door. Our front doors are meticulously finished like a piece of furniture.


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