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High quality fiberglass door system

Fiberglass cladded door jambs and door panel have matching wood grain texture – unseen with other door manufacturers.

 Most realistic wood grain texture on the door is achieved using NVD technology – unique to Mastergrain.  Doors are insulated using high density CFC free polyurethane foam – R20 value.

Aluminium reinforced post offers higher security. The multipoint locking system latches into the reinforced post.  


The locking system consists of top, middle and bottom latches as shown in the picture. 

This is a great feature which allows the door to seal better and offers high security against break ins. In the lock position all latches anchor into an alumnium reinforced composite post in a door and sidelite configuration.


  • The lever activates the latches simultaneously and your key operates the deadbolt latch.
  • The top and bottom tempered steel latchbolts engage instantly when the door is closed.
  • Once the door is locked the top and bottom latchbolts together with the deadbolt latch become a 3-deadbolt locking system.
  • No lifting of the handle is required to engage locking points.
  • All our 8 ft doors come with the multipoint locking system by default.
Most realistic wood grain fiberglass door


Stains and paints are specially formulated to work optimally with our fiberglass doors. 

We use a method called flaming – the door is heated in a special tunnel to achieve the perfect temperature for a long lasting paint or stain adhesion.


Wood is good but fiberglass is stronger.

A Mastergrain door incorporates  grain textures on the fiberglass door panel that you would normally only find on a wood door. That is made possible due to the unique NVD technology which no other company has. The fiberglass doors look so much like real wood. Wood warps, twists and rot, but our fiberglass doors won’t. Extreme weather is becoming more and more prevalent which makes fiberglass door the preferred option. Mastergrain doors have been impact-proof to withstand 100 mph winds. 

The wood grain texture, the high density composite jambs, the aluminium reinforced posts, the adjustable composite sill, multipoint locking system and high quality stain coatings have all been carefully  and meticulously engineered to produce the most reliable door system for our customers.



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